Favorites To Win College Football Title 2018


College football attracts millions of fans. Everyone has their favorite teams. Just because a person likes a team or certain school does not mean that their football program will be good. They may have a proud history but the current team may not be living up to the reputation of the program. There are some college teams that actually have a chance of winning the college football playoffs. 

This team did lose some of their best defensive players back they still have a good lineup. They have Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown still bring the team some hope. Their coaching staff is top of the line as well. Some suggest state that the team will end up going 9-3 during the season and they will have a chance at winning the Big Team and other victories.

This team will be on the road often during the season but they are set to win most of these games. The outlook of their season will most likely be determined by these early games. If they win they will be on a roll. If not they may struggle for a little. Lamar Jackson who won the 2016 Heisman Trophy is set to return to the team. Last season he had an impressive 5,114 years as well as 51 touchdowns. He will have new offensive players on the line but they are looking pretty good as well. Looking at the current talent on this team as well as the talent that is being added they should have a great season.

This is said to be one of the favorite teams in the Big 12 and many football experts have stated that this team should go all the way to the championship game. They have some players that they are going to need to replace. These players scored 45 touchdowns last season so it is going to be hard to find new talent. They have some challenging games at the beginning of the season and the away games are going to be tough. This team is still picked to do well and make an impressive standing.

Oklahoma State
This is another school that is set to have some tough games on the road. Their home game schedule is not much easier but they are looking pretty good. The defense on this team is good but there are some areas where they are going to need to improve. With the power of the offense and their ability to score points this team should have a good season.

The team made an impression on college football last season and are said to be even more powerful this year. They have a very strong defense that is able to keep the other teams from scoring. As well as the offense keeps going strong this team should be able to beat any competitors that stand in their way.
These are some of the college teams that are said to have an impressive season and make it all the way to the playoffs. If the teams go strong they may even see a championship victory in the upcoming college football season.