How The NCAA Football Playoffs Work?


Fans of the bowl games wanted the 2014 season to become exhilarating while at the same time have their teams playing at the time they want. The semifinal that preceded the classic championships were some of the most devastating experiences in the time, and after the changes were made, games that fans wanted to come earlier to did not come as quickly as they wished. However, staying accustomed to the facts and the prevailing rules used to determine the same would help understand and therefore cushion against disappointments. Playoff is a four team tournament and the weekly committees that sit to decide some things concerning items such as major determinants of the schedules. It would also be important to note that rankings played an important part in shifting the semifinals to the New Year’s Eve even though the fans never wanted it done that way. People are devastated to the core when they are not able to watch their favorite games, and the good thing about it is that they know about the feelings of the teams concerning the games playing on such days.

What is it being done to fix that?

In July last year, the committee decided to move the semifinals to the eve of New Year or the New Year, and this has had a permanent change in the schedule for the next four years. But after the year 2020, there would be a chance for change. Both Fiesta and Peach did host the semifinals of last year but did not produce such a desired result and it was a bit weird since it did not change anything or even favor the fans in terms of time. For a long time, Peach has played games in the eve of the new year but when it comes to Fiesta, it has never play the games then since the 1980s, however, it would be important to note that they have played on December twice since that time but have not had any games in the event of the new year. However, it is one of the youngest bowls but has hosted some of the biggest games in the league this season.

Due to the fact that the playoff national championships had been at the Cowboys Stadium and Arizona, fans and the players were excited of where the games would be next. And on January 2017, the games were played at the sites that were not designed for the New Year and it was the first time in history of the games to be held outdoor; this led to coming of the closest USF. And due to the fact that Raymond James had hosted two super bowls and other outback bowls, it had been interesting that such games had been played in the stadium however how young it was. But it would be important to note that it is not as good as the Cowboys’ Stadium.
There is a lot that fans can expect from the ranking of 2016, this is due to the fact that it has the power to dramatically change the results and in the long run. There are two semifinals that were picked and are most likely to be controversial when it comes to the fans except the Baylor and TCU fans. However, the strange picks that were made by the committee have to be explained and would change the way things are done this year. The chairman, who determined some of the things in the league is gone, Long is no longer the chairman and fans are promised that there would no longer be awkward rankings. The committee is now in charge of the top-25 rankings this year.