Next College Football Coach to be Fired


College football brings in millions of dollars to a college every year if the team is good. When the team has not won a game and is not looking good the coach is in the hot seat. If these teams do not start winning some games soon there are some college coaches that may be fired.

Les Miles- LSU
Many people think that Les should not have been brought back as the coach at all. His record at LSU is anything but impressive. Over the past four teams the team went 37-12. The number of points the team has scored is embarrassing and due to this record potential football candidates are passing on attending this school.

Gus Malzahn- Auburn
After the 2015 season this team had Gus is still lucky to be employed. The overall record for this team is 15-11 and has been getting worse over the last couple of seasons. The college has even stated that if there are no major changes in the football Gus is out.

Steve Addazio – Boston College
Looking at the players at Boston for the 2016 and their talent there is really no reason they should not have a winning season. The only problem is that with Steve as their coach they had some trouble winning the games. If the team does not win at least six games during the season Steve is out.

Mark Stoops- Kentucky
The overall record for Kentucky under this head coach is 12-24. This is his fourth season and if things do not change they are not going to be looking to well for Mark. In his time as a coach he has an average of 5.1 winning games per season and that number has dropped since he first took over as a head coach. When Mark took over, Kentucky was a decent football team. If Mark can get the team to win a least six games and make it to a bowl game he may be able to keep his job for another season.

Kevin Sumlin- Texas A&M
Overall Kevin does not have that great of a record. Even though he is the coach at a top football school under Kevin the team has a 36-16 record. If he does not make some big changes he is out of a job.

Darrell Hazell-Purdue
At Purdue Darrell has less than an impressive record. Overall the team has gone 6-30 and their record is even worse in the Big Ten. In the Big Ten Purdue is 2-22. If this team does not make some big changes Darrell is out of a job. There is plenty of potential in this team and all they need is some direction so they can begin to win the football games.

The 2016 college football season is make or break for some of these coaches. If they do not have a good season they are out of a job. The college football teams all have potential. With the right guidance and coaching these college athletes can have a winning season and bring pride back to their school.