Northern Kentucky’s First Trip To NCAA Tourney


*Northern Kentucky’s Amazing Victory:

Northern Kentucky has received a great deal of attention due to the fact that they earned NCAA Tournament status within the first season of eligibility. Earning NCAA Tournament status within the very first year of eligibility is quite an honor.

Northern Kentucky coach John Brannen spoke a few words and express his gratitude about the teams accomplishment concerning the NCAA. John Brannen was also greeted by Jim Mc Millian. Mc Millian was a 1971 recruit to Kentucky. Mc Millian praised Brannen for his exceptional coaching ability and team efforts.

Some teams have to wait seven or more years to earn NCAA Tournament status. Northern Kentucky did it all within one year. Northern Kentucky certainly had luck on their side this time. Northern Kentucky had beaten Chicago in the quarter finals. In addition, Kentucky also beat Youngstown State in the semis.

Northern Kentucky could end up being a Horizon League contender for many years to come. Becoming a Horizon league contender would be another extraordinary accomplishment for Northern Kentucky.

Northern Kentucky could end up receiving a 15 seed in the up coming NCAA Tournament. Some are now wondering? Does the possibility exist of Northern Kentucky winning the first Tournament game that they play. Anything is possible and nothing should be ruled out at this point.

Louisville and Kentucky could end up having to compete against Northern Kentucky in an opening round. That should be something very interesting to see. It is highly probable that Kentucky has already begun planning a strategy if in fact the do compete against Louisville or Kentucky or possibly both.

Lavone Holland is a junior guard for N.Kentucky. Holland had no problem leading the way for Northern Kentucky. Lavone Holland scored a remarkable 20 points for the team. In addition, Lavone Holland also managed two steals followed by four assists. On lookers were amazed but also shocked. Of course, this was the amazing win that determined Kentucky’s eligibility in the NCAA Tournament.

Changes can occur in a heartbeat however, it does appear that Northern Kentucky has some very good luck on their side. Only time will tell if the teams luck holds out. In the meantime, Northern Kentucky is enjoying every bit of attention they are receiving from fans, the media and other team members.

*Extensive Media Coverage/N. Kentucky:

ESPN has had no problem covering this amazing story. In addition, ESPN is eager to conduct as many in house interviews with team members as they possibly can. The Associated Press has covered the Northern Kentucky story extensively.

Many are calling N. Kentucky’s victory a “True Cinderella” story. It seemed the game between the Panthers and Northern Kentucky got off to a regular start with no real expectations for either team. However, as the game progressed it was evident that the Panthers simply ran out of steam.

Once the Panthers began to slip, N. Kentucky seemed only more determined to win the game and of course the rest is history. The Panthers tried their best to keep the score close. This seemed nothing short of a small miracle considering the stress the Panthers must have been experiencing. In addition, the rebounding margin that the Panthers had to contend with certainly did not help the situation.